Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet is an infamous band of pirates, who are often referred to as "the scourge of the Shining Sea."

For many years, these vicious and cunning pirates have sailed their ships across the southern oceans and raided coastal regions of Azoria. Merchant ships traveling between the seaports of Freeport, Sasserine, Stonehaven, Shard, Syrene, and Tymor have been forced to either change routes or hire extra guards because of the threat of these cunning pirates. The ships of the fleet are easily recognized by their crimson sails and banners bearing the skull & sabers.

The Crimson Fleet is rumored to based out of a pirate settlement called Scuttlecove.

The most well-known ships of the Crimson Fleet are: Asmodeus, Black Cat, Brine Harlot, Hellfish, Howler, Knave, Midnight, Ravager, Sea Bitch, Sea Wyvern, Shadow Serpent, Shark, Slippery Eel, Vengeance, and Witch