Duke Crispin Falkirk

Crispin Falkirk is a powerful Eldaran nobleman who currently rules the city of Rin Falar.


The Falkirk family has a relatively short history, tracing its roots back only about 200 years to a bloody conflict called the War of Tears. During that terrible conflict, at the Battle of Mulray, a young knight named Edrenn Falkirk gave his life to save Prince Morgan; the son of King Lazaro Irazadi. The Crown Prince of Eldara had been wounded and fallen off his horse and was soon surrounded by the enemy. Edrenn dismounted, slew 20 Vilzari warriors single-handedly, and saved the young prince's life; at the cost of his own.

When he was informed about the battle and how his only son had been rescued, it is said King Lazaro was so moved he broke down; which was quite unusual for a man of his stern disposition. As a reward for Sir Edrenn's bravery and sacrifice. King Lazaro granted his young son the title of "Baron" and appointed him the ruler of a small Barony in western Eldara called Grey Heath.

Over the years that followed, various Lords of the Falkrik family served at the Eldaran Royal court, until about 40 years ago, when Duke Amalric Falkrik was granted the title of "Duke," and appointed the ruler of both the Duchy of Rin-Falon and the city of Rin Falar; a position the family has held ever since, in addition to their holdings in the Barony of Grey Heath.

Today, House Falkirk is one of the wealthiest and most influential noble families in Eldara.