Crôm Feyr

(population: 43,000) Major dwarvish city and capitol of Orrek, located in the northern region of the Grey Mountains. This dwarf-city was ordered built under King Gyor the Master-Builder, who wanted an eternal monument to dwarvish ingenuity. It is here in the Great Hall of the city that the famed Anvil Throne of the Dwarf-Kings is located. With the completion of Crôm Feyr, Darôk; the former dwarvish capitol city, became secondary. The city is very busy with trade from Elyria, Ammarind, Derianor, Erindar, Cyrendar, Kharos-Thûngol, Serathyr, and the Wildlands. Crôm Feyr was considered the greatest Dwarf-city ever built, until the southern dwarf-city of Krone Feyr was built in the Third Age.

Crôm Feyr is accessible via the High Road; which leads east to Darôk, and Hüertgen to the west.