Crôm Feyr

(population: 43,000) Crôm Feyr is the largest dwarvish city on Corwyn and the capital of Orrek.

Located in the northern region of the Grey Mountains, Crôm Feyr was ordered built under King Gyor the Master-Builder.

Gyor and his legion of dwarven crafters took centuries to complete the magnificent stone halls of the city, and has become an eternal monument to dwarvish workmanship.

When the city was completed, the dwarves moved the Anvil Throne from the city of Darôk into Crôm Feyr's Great Hall, and the city became their new capital

Today, the city is quite busy with trade from Elyria, Ammarind, Derianor, Erindar, Iskandar, Kharos-Thûngol, Serathyr, and the Wildlands. Crôm Feyr was long considered the greatest Dwarven city ever built, until the city of Krone Feyr was completed within the Frostcrown Mountains.

Crôm Feyr is accessible via the High Road; which leads east to Darôk, and west thru Frostfang Pass to Hüertgen.