Crystalpeak Mountains

The Crystalpeak Mountains are located in northern Iskandar.

The icy and steep "Crystalpeaks," as they are informally known, are the most inhospitable region on Westvale Island. However, several scattered groups do live here.

The mountains are home to various barbarian tribes; mostly Wildfolk, who long ago, sailed west across the Iron Sea and settled here. They are also home to several Red-Dwarf tribes, who reside here for the rich mines in the foothills. The mountains can be dangerous, for they are also home to tribes of stone giants, ogres, and goblins.

Deep within the mountains are several massive glacial lakes, including Claybottom Lake, Lake Coal, and the largest; Storval Deep.

Also scattered throughout the region are several isolated valleys, including the Storval Plateau; home to the ancient tower of Jorgenfist.

The Lost Coast Road skirts the northern edge of these mountains, as it it follows the shores of the Sea of Vaas, on its route between Herronford and Tharnia.

Local History

Over a thousand years ago, an ancient tribe of Stone Giants called the "Stor-Val," inhabited these mountains.

The Stor-Val built several massive structures in the region, most of which survive to this very day.