Crystalpeak Mountains

The Crystalpeak Mountains are located in northern Cyrendar.

The icy and steep"Crystalpeaks," as they are informally known, are the most inhospitable region anywhere in the Kingdom of Cyrendar.

However, these mountains are inhabited by several scattered groups. Several Red-Dwarf tribes reside here for the rich mines in the foothills.

The Mountains are also home to various barbarian tribes; mostly Wildfolk, who long ago, sailed west across the Iron Sea and settled here.

They are also home to many groups of giants, ogres, and goblin tribes.

The Lost Coast Road runs along the northern edge of these mountains.


Over a thousand years ago, an ancient tribe of Stone Giants, who called themselves the "Stor-Val," inhabited these Mountains. These giants built several massive structures in the region; which survive to this very day. What became of them is unknown.