(pop:28,000) Located in far northwestern Erindar, Cymereth is the third-largest city in the kingdom.

Situated along the northern foothills of the Crumbling Mountains, this Vaas city is an important center for trade.

The city is accessible via the Academë Road, which runs west to Athos-Avarel, and the Traders Road which runs south to Gresham.

Cymereth is currently ruled by Duchess Elvana Mondragon.

Local History

In the Fourth Age, the House of Balfor; an ancient Vaas noble family, founded the city-state of Cymereth, under its first ruler; Margrave Cymion Balfor.

The city continued to thrive and remain independent until the Wars of Destiny.

During that epic conflict, the ruler of Cymereth was Elvana Balfor. Her armies were defeated in the Battle of Shardel, and she was forced to abandon the city, and fled into exile on the Isle of Cynara. King Erin Fremantle never forgave Elvana for her treachery, and put a bounty on her life until the end of her days.

After the Balfors fled, Erin Fremantle granted ruler-ship of the city to the House of Mondragon and the city of Cymereth became part of the larger kingdom of Erindar.

The Mondragons continue to rule the city today.