Isle of Cynara

Cynara is a large island, located off the northern coast of Cyrendar, in the northern Sea of Vaas.

As part of the kingdom of Cyrendar, the island is densely populated, with many cities and towns; Its largest city is the seaport of Cyrenica.

Cynara is also home to the Veiled Society, whose fortress of Erôn Khorlöth lies in the eastern most tip of the island, at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, overlooking the large town of Swanford.

Cynara is dotted with many fortifications, for in its long history, the island has seen much bloodshed; from Variag raids, to Iskari invasions, to outright civil war. Today, the island is a quiet northern community.

Cynara's current population is a mixture of ethnic Iskari, Cynarans, and Vaas, who live together peacefully. Politically, the island is ruled by three influential Iskari noble vassals; whose territories are divided into three Duchies: Cynara, Deroshar, and Silverdeep. These three duchies are then sub-divided into 16 different smaller Baronies, spread across the island.

The climate here is cold and bitter most of the year, with terrible winters, and even cool summers. The waters around the island are cold even in the summer months, and choked with large icebergs during the winter. Based on its climate and history, the folk of the island have a well-deserved reputation as hardy souls.


Long Ago, the Isle of Cynara was once home to the ancient Cynaran kingdom of Urland; an influential independent kingdom that existed in the late Third Age. Urland was populated by early Vaas tribes called the Cynarans; a fierce and war-like people. When the first Iskari settlers landed at Wyn Falas, Urland controlled not only the Isle of Cynara, but also the northern-third of what is today Cyrendar and much of present-day Derianor. At that time, Urland was ruled by a fierce and proud leader named King Narmacil Redmond.


By the late Third Age, Urland was an expanding regional power, but faced its largest threat; the Iskari. In the fateful year of 1137/3, Ilnavel Cyrenäe landed at Wyn Falas with his fleet of 1,000 ships. Soon the Iskari began expanding across the entire Westvale Island. Ironically, that same year, Narmacil completed a great fortress in the southern foothills of the Crystalpeak Mountains. For nearly forty years, Narmacil waged war against the Iskari invaders, until his death at the Battle of Swanford in 1171/3. After that defeat, the surviving Cynarans bent the knee, and his descendants became forever known as the "Kings Without a Crown.'

After the Battle of Swanford, the kingdom of Urland was completely conquered by the Cyrenäe noble family and became absorbed into the mainland Iskari kingdom of Cyrendar, Urland was re-named the Duchy of Cynara, and has remained a Cyrendari vassal state ever since. Even today, the Redmonds are a powerful noble family in the realm of Cyrendar, and Castle Redmond stands as a legacy to the power of that ancient kingdom.

Centuries later, the royal line of the Redmond family died out, and the Duchy of Cynara came to be led the noble House of Strongfist. King Ilnavel renamed the Cynaran capital city of Akros when he captured the city. It then became known as Cyrenica, a name it still carries today.


The Duchy of Cynara, led by Duke Teraxas Strongfist, along with the duchies of Hennara and Varia, broke away from the Kingdom of Cyrendar in the year 1068/4. The war began with the death of King Ilcanar Cyrenäe II, who was poisoned by Alokkair’s agents and his Melanthir sword stolen. The king died without a rightful heir and soon disputes arose as to the proper royal successor, fueled by Alokkair’s treachery. For twenty years the bitter Iskari Civil War raged between the opposed factions before all were united under one banner by King Ikharos Blackburn in the year 1087/4. After the war's end, the Duchy of Cynara was broken into three smaller duchies (Cynara, Deroshar, & Silverdeep) led by loyalist nobles and the ruling house of Strongfist was destroyed. Duke Teraxas and both of his sons were either slain in battle, executed or exiled. For decades after the war, various regions of Cyrendar remained bitter enemies and only time healed those deep wounds. The capitol of Cynara was the city of Akros.