Ancient human ethnic group that populated the Isle of Cynara. The Cynarans were an offshoot of the Vaas people, and had a well-deserved reputation as fierce fighters and great sailors. For centuries, the Cynarans sailed from their island, raiding coastal regions along the Sea of Vaas and the Iron Sea. The competing Cynaran tribes were finally united under one banner in the year 325/3, by King Endacil of House Redmond. Under King Narmacil, the Cynarans founded one of the earliest human kingdoms on Corwyn; called Khorlöth.

Eventually, the kingdom of Khorlöth was defeated by the Iskari invaders led by Ilnavel Cyrenäe, who landed on the shores of Westvale in 1170/3. After the Cynarans were defeated in the Forty-Years War, their entire population was assimilated into the ruling Iskari culture and their territory became part of the modern-day kingdom of Cyrendar.