The Cynarans are one of Corwyn's major human ethnic groups. Today, they are prominently found in Iskandar, the Isle of Cynara, Derianor, the Wildlands, and the Barrens. As one of the nine Vaas Clans, the Cynarans arose from obscurity in the early Third Age on the Isle of Cynara and eventually founded an ancient kingdom there, caled "Urland."


Ethnic Damarans are of average height and build for humans, with skin tones that ranged from fair to ruddy. Their hair was usually bright red or or yellow, and their eyes either blue, green, gray, or hazel.


Lawfulness is prominent in nations with large Cynaran populations, with the exception of the Wildlands and the Vast, whose populations lean toward rugged individualism and are often seen as having questionable morals. In contrast to their strong morality, or perhaps as a result of it, Cynarans are seen as a proud and stubborn folk.

While many individual Damarans have taken up their culture's passion for adventure, most live out their lives staying in the same region of Corwyn. Those that stay close to their ancestral homes, often choose to live as farmers, lumberers or miners.

Cynaran men and woman tend to view life as a series of challenges that have to be overcome. Trust and respect are never freely given, but earned, and life is meant to be spent in the services of a greater good. The glorious history of their people is strongly revered, but nobles are not placed upon a golden pedestal; rather, the failures of their forebears serve as lessons against the hubris of unchecked power.

True heroism and self-sacrifice is held in the highest regard among the Cynaran people. People are judged by their actions rather than by their birth, as is common within many other cultures. The Cynarans are also great seafarers, with a long tradition of adventure and exploration.


The Cynarans speak a dialect of Vaasi, called "Cyntari." All Cynarans living within the territories of Iskandar also speak Iskan.

Relations with other races

Cynarans have lived as an ethnic minority within the Kingdom of Iskandar for thousands of years, and long ago submitted to the Iskari majority. The two ethnic groups are well-integrated into each others' societies. Relations between the two races have never been overly friendly; instead, Cynarans tend to "tolerate" the Iskari, if not view them with mistrust and apprehension.

The Cynarans people have long held strong ties with the northern dwarves of the northeast and view them as an honorable race.



Back in the early Third Age, the Cynarans on the Isle of Cynara were divided into various tribal groups who constantly squabbled over land and plunder.

For many centuries, groups of Cynarans sailed from their island, raiding coastal regions along the Sea of Vaas and the Iron Sea. These raids gave birth to the Cynaran reputation as both great seafarers and fierce warriors.

In the year 325/3, an ambitious warlord named Endacil Redmond managed to unite all of the Cynaran tribes under his banner, and took control of the Isle of Cynara. Endacil crowned himself ruler of a new nation he called "Urland;" one of the earliest human kingdoms on Corwyn.

Under his ruler-ship, Urland greatly expanded, and by his death, and controlled much of northwest Corwyn; including most of the Eastvale region. His descendants expanded Urland's control evenfurther. At its height, the Cynarans controlled most of Westvale Island.

Eventually, Urland was defeated by Ilnavel Cyrenäe and his the Iskari colonists, who landed on the westerns shores of Westvale Island in the year 1137/3.

Thus began the Forty-Years War between the Cynarans and the Iskari. Urland was defeated when its last ruler; King Narmacil was slain at the Battle of Swanford.

After the Cynarans were defeated, their entire population was assimilated into the Iskari culture and their territory became part of the present-day kingdom of Iskandar.

Some Cynaran tribes refused to submit to the Iskari, and fled far to the east, where they eventually founded the settlement of Redmark.