Cynarans are a Vaas ethnic group that originated from the Isle of Cynara. Today, they constitute a significant ethnic minority in the kingdom of Cyrendar.

The Cynaran Clan has long had a reputation as fierce fighters and great sailors.

For centuries, the Cynarans sailed from their island, raiding coastal regions along the Sea of Vaas and the Iron Sea.

The Cynarans speak their own tongue, called "Cyntari." That language is considered a dialect of Vaasi.


For centuries, the Cynarans were divided into various tribal groups which constantly fought over lands and plunder.

In the year 325/3, a man named Endacil of House Redmond united all of the Cynaran tribes under a single banner, for the very first time.

Under his ruler-ship, the Cynarans founded Urland; one of the earliest human kingdoms on Corwyn and named Endacil their first King.

By the end of Third Age, Urland controlled Westvale Island and much of northwest Corwyn; including the Eastvale and part of present-day Derianor.

Eventually, the kingdom of Urland was defeated by Ilnavel Cyrenäe and his the Iskari invaders, who landed on the shores of Westvale Island in the year 1137/3.

Thus began the Forty-Years War between Urland and the Iskari. The end came for Urland when its last ruler; King Narmacil was slain at the Battle of Swanford.

After the Cynarans were defeated, their entire population was assimilated into the ruling Iskari culture and their territory became part of the modern-day kingdom of Cyrendar.

Some Cynaran tribes later migrated east and founded the settlement of Redmark.