Straddling the entrance to Varistan harbor, the Cyphergate is a circular stone arch, which rises to an impressive height of over 350 feet.

Because its height is exactly half of the arch's width, it is believed by many that the arch is actually one-half of a larger ring, the second half of which is buried under the rocks and silt lining the bottom of the harbor.

The origins of the Cyphergate are widely believed to be Elvish; as the monument is built from unrecognizable stone and is decorated with mysterious runes and other arcane symbols. Strangely, these symbols and runes are completely different from other elven runes found anywhere else.

Today, the runes etched into the gate remain a topic of much debate among scholars, both in Varistan and beyond. Some scholars have long believed the runes have no meaning; because they have resisted even magical detection methods.

Other sages, who felt the arch was more than just decorative, formed the "Order of Cyphers." These, so-called "Cyphermages," have dedicated their lives to uncovering the truth behind the enigmatic symbols on the famous arch towering over Varistan.