This scholarly guild, also called The "Order of Cyphers," is an organization of wizards, sages, and scholars who have dedicated themselves to the ancient secrets of Corwyn; specifically, the ancient stone arch that towers over the city of Varistan. This the primary reason why the original Guildhall is located within the city of Varistan. Cyphermages are known to be students of ancient history and runic lore, and many are so-called "Loremasters." Many senior members are well respected for their depth of knowledge about the history of Corwyn. Though bound by their common interest in ancient mysteries, individual Cyphermages pursue a diverse range of study. Because Cyphermages immerse themselves in the lore and nuance of the ancients, they highly value precision and complexity, going so far as to develop special skills dedicated to uncovering new information and protecting the discoveries they’ve uncovered.

The Largest Guildhall of the Cyphermages is located in Varistan. The hall provides members with room and board, as well as an extensive library, but is only open to members and invited guests. Recently, the Order of Cyphers has begun to establish small Halls elsewhere throughout Corwyn, whether in large cities like Alenthas or Atharavon, but also small towns in rural areas, such as the Barrens or The Vast, because of the prominent ruins and ancient monuments in those rural areas.

Several years ago, the Cyphermages were more aggressive in controlling the knowledge they had gathered. Recently, they see themselves as the last line of defense against an ancient era's madness and they try to educate others about their studies. The Order is led by three senior Cyphermages: Elias Tamm, Elwyn Sumitor, and Fiaro Belgrossi. In Varistan; the locla leader of the Cypermages is Beltran, his apprentice is Samaritha.

Cyphermages often require the services of adventurers. Though some Cyphermages are able explorers, most are arcane scholars who lack adventuring skills. In the past, the Order has also coordinated their research with the wizards of the Veiled Society; whose extensive libraries are most useful to their research.