Lost City of Cyr

An integral part of the lost Iskari Empire of Iskandar, known in legends as the "City of Pride." Cyr was a district capital of the lost Iskari Empire, located in the Theraskan Valley. For many years, the city was ruled by the Runelord Xanderghul; a powerful wizard. It is believed the he, along with all his subjects, perished when the city was destroyed during Skyfall.

Cyr is the most well-known of the lost cities of Iskandar; largely due to the fact that the famous Iskari hero Ilnavel Cyrenäe hailed from that city, long before he sailed his fleet across the Wyn Myr to Corwyn to found the kingdom of Cyrendar. In fact the name Cyrenäe means 'hailing from Cyr.'

The lost city of Cyr is also well-known to sages because of the Therassic Order; an ancient order of monks based in the city, who kept all of the imperial records. The name of the order derived from the Theraskan Valley, where the city of Cyr was located.