Cyrenäe Dynasty

The Cyrenäe Dynasty was the line of descendants of King Ilnavel; who founded the Iskari kingdom of Cyrendar in the year 19/4 after sailing from Iskandar to escape the events of Skyfall.

The House of Cyrenäe were the original holders of FOEHAMMER, one of the seven Melanthir swords, given to the family as a reward for King Ilnavel’s courage and leadership. Ilnavel went on to found the kingdom of Cyrendar, and over the next 1,049 years, a total of forty-two monarchs sat on the Onyx Throne at Wyn Falas. The Cyrenäe family ruled the great western kingdom of Cyrendar until 1068/4, when King Ilcanar II was poisoned by Alokkair’s agents and left no heir. Unfortunately, with the death of the last rightful king, the kingdom dissolved in a bloody twenty-year civil war, until the country was reunited in 1087/4 under King Ikharos Blackburn.

The forty-two Cyrenäe monarchs of Cyrendar are listed below:

Ilnavel 19-21/4 *
Ilcanar 21-65/4
Ilathrin 65-93/4
Ilmethar 93-130/4 †
Izrin 130-162/4
Ilnavel II 162-196/4
Iscar 196-229/4
Istavar 229-254/4
Ilcathar 254-287/4
Irithar 287-308/4
Iscar II 308-318/4
Ilmethar II 318-354/4
Istus 354-371/4
Ivarian 371-405/4
Izrin II 405-437/4
Ilnavel III 437-475/4
Iscar III 475-498/4
Irithar II 498-525/4
Ilathrin II 525-547/4 †
Isobel 547-580/4
Inzaril 580-593/4
Ilros 593-599/4 †
Ilnavel IV 589-629/4
Izrin III 629-660/4
Ikharos 660-662/4 †
Ilros II 662-701/4
Iskhanar 701-726/4
Ilathrin III 726-751/4
Iscar IV 751-771/4
Istavar III 771-797/4
Ilcathar III 797-822/4
Ilnavel V 822-853/4 †
Irithar III 853-871/4
Ikharos II 871-902/4
Izrin IV 902-926/4
Istavar IV 926-949/4
Ilathrin IV 949-966/4
Iscar V 966-989/4
Ilnavel VI 989-1004
Istus II 1004-1026/4
Irithar IV 1026-1055/4
Ilcanar II 1055-1068/4 †