Cyrenica (Akros)

(population: 42,000) Cyrenica is the third largest city in Cyrendar and former capitol city of the Cynaran kingdom of Urland. Today, the city serves as an important seaport on the Isle of Cynara.


In the Third Age, This city was named Akros, and was the capitol of the thriving Cynaran kingdom of Urland. But in the late Third Age, the city was conquered by the Iskari colonists from Iskandar, in the Forty Years War. The city came under the control of the Cyrenäe family was re-named Cyrenica and became part of the larger kingdom of Cyrendar. But the Cynaran natives of this city and the island on which it was located never forgot the slight, and the peoples of Cyrenica and Cynara would once again rise up to fight for independence in the Iskari Civil War.

In the Fourth Age, The city of Cyrenica was ruled by Teraxas Strongfist, who along with the Dukes of Hennara and Varia, broke away from the Kingdom of Cyrendar in the year 1068/4. After the war's end, the Duchy of Cynara was broken into three smaller duchies; Cynara, Deroshar, & Silverdeep, and the ruling House of Strongfist was destroyed. Duke Teraxas was captured and executed at the end of the war. Both his sons were slain in battle.

The city is currently governed by Duke Algrim Pentathar, who rules from Castle Pentathar that overlooks the sprawling city.