Cyrenica (Akros)

(population: 42,000) Cyrenica is the third largest city in Cyrendar and the former capitol city of the Cynaran kingdom of Urland.

This bustling city is the largest and wealthiest seaport on the Isle of Cynara. Cyrenica is unique among Cyrendari cities, because of its large Cynaran minority. Despite its ethnic mixture, the population gets along well together and has has lived in harmony for centuries. Its sprawling harbor contains ships from neighboring ports such as Atharavon, Elsareth, Krylnath, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Swanford, Tharnia, and Wyn Falas.

Today, Cyrenica is governed by Duke Algrim Pentathar, who rules from Castle Pentathar, located in the midst of the city's centrla district.


In the Third Age, The port of Cyrenica was a very different place. It was named Akros, and was the capitol of the thriving Cynaran kingdom of Urland. But in the late Third Age, during the Forty Years War; Akros was conquered by Iskari colonists from Iskandar.

After the disastrous Battle of Swanford, Akros came under the stern rule of King Ilnavel Cyrenäe, who asserted his new rulership by ordering the city re-named "Cyrenica."

Afterward, the city became part of the larger kingdom of Cyrendar. But the Cynaran natives of this city and the island on which it was located never forgot this defeat, and those same natives of would once again rise up to fight for independence in the Iskari Civil War.

When the Iskari Civil War broke out in the Fourth Age, The city of Cyrenica was ruled by Teraxas Strongfist, who along with the Dukes of Hennara and Varia, broke away from the Kingdom of Cyrendar in the year 1068/4. After the war's end, the ruling House of Strongfist was destroyed and the Duchy of Cynara was broken into three smaller duchies; Cynara, Deroshar, & Silverdeep. Duke Teraxas was himself captured and executed at the end of the war; whereas both his sons were slain in battle.