Indigo Sea

The Indigo Sea is a large inland body of water located in the Heartlands of Corwyn.

This large inland sea is an enormous oxbow from the Amador River and is home to many exotic species of fish. The local fishing industry thrives on the sale of these fish and the southern coasts of the sea are home to hundreds of small fishing villages and fleets of fishing boats.

The Indigo Sea is home to many small islands, some of which are home to small independent settlements and Freeholds. The largest island on the Indigo Sea is Serinda Isle. The waters are remarkably warm and calm throughout the year, making it an easily traversable waterway.

This body of water seees heavy maritime traffic, for it the only water-route for ships travelling between the Athlan Myr, the Amador River, and the Thannish Estuary; which empties into the Sea of Orel.