Prince Daghon Durethë

(144-193/4) Daghon Durethë was the eldest son of Eldaran King Aron Durethë, who led the Thannish invasion of the Kratheri Peninsula that came to be called the Glorious Conquest.

In the year 179/4, Prince Daghon was sent by his father on an expedition to conquer the Kratheri Peninsula. Daghon gathered a great host of Thannish soldiers and a massive fleet of ships, and sailed east, across the South Sea.

At this same time, the Kratheri people of Kerathos were ruled by King Nek'Var Barshem, who put up stiff resistance to Daghon and his Thannish solders, and the campaign became long and costly.

Under Daghon's leadership, the Eldaran army soon conquered much of Kerathos after a series of bloody campaigns. Within five years of his initial landing on the Peninsula, the Crown Prince established a permanent settlement which he named "Durendar."

By this time, his forces controlled more than half of Kratheri territory. One major obstacle remained; the Kratheri stronghold of Jareesh. Daghon had no choice but to settle in for a long siege.

Prince Daghon did not live to see the final victory over the Kratheri. He was slain in 193/4 during the long and bloody siege of the Kratheri capital.

Today, Prince Daghon is considered one of the greatest Thannish heroes, but is also hated by the Kratheri people, who blame his conquest for their enslavement and misery.

Legend of the Swan

Thannish legend has it; Prince Daghon became lost in a fogbank upon his initial approach to the Kratheri Peninsula. Suddenly, his lookout spotted a graceful white swan, who led his ship to a tranquil natural inlet, where he beached his ship. The white swan became a symbol of luck and good fortune to the soldiers of the expedition, and today, adorns the flag of the Kingdom of Thûle.