Prince Daghon Durethë

Daghon Durethë was the eldest son of Eldaran King Aron Durethë who was chosen by his father to lead the Glorious Conquest and conquer the Kratheri Peninsula. Daghon later became first ruler of East Eldara.

In the year 179/4, Prince Daghon was sent by his father; King Aron, on an expedition to conquer the Kratheri Peninsula for the glory of Eldara. This mission came to be known as the "Glorious Conquest." That same year, Daghon gathered a great host of Thannish soldiers, boarded a fleet of ships, and sailed across the South Sea.

At this same time, the Kratheri people of the peninsula were ruled by the kingdom of Kerathos. The King of Kerathos; Nek'Var Barshem, put up stiff resistance to Daghon and his Thannish solders, and the campaign became long and bloody.

Under Daghon's leadership, the Eldaran army soon conquered much of the eastern realm of Kerathos in a long series of bloody campaigns. Prince Daghon did not live to see the final victory, but was slain in 193/4 during the bloody, final days of the Siege of Jareesh; the capitol city of Kerathos

Today, Prince Daghon is considered one of the greatest Thannish heroes, but is bitterly hated by the enslaved Kratheri people, whose homeland he conquered long ago.