Emperor Damodar Kharata

Damodar Kharata was the 14th ruler of the Eloysian Empire, who reigned on the Jade Throne between the years AR 245 to AR 267.

Damodar launched a series of military conquests, expanding the Empire even further into the Vhan Myr. Damodar was a great sailor himself, and raised the largest Eloysian navy ever seen up until that time; comprising hundreds of ships from each of the Seven Cities of Bronze, Quelaara, Al'Kethai, and Malvatis.

In the year AR 255, Emperor Damodar sailed his huge invasion fleet west and conquered the island nations of Ilsenene, and later, the island nation of Styr in the year AR 266. With these victories, the Eloysian Empire was larger in size than ever before

Campaign Against Kendar

In the year AR 267, flushed with his previous successful campaigns, Damodar turned his attention to the small nation of Kendar. His demands for tribute were rebuffed by the Kendari. In a fit of rage, he ordered the realm conquered. That year, He sent a huge army of Eloysian, troglodyte, and Tasloi soldiers to conquer Kendar. But when they arrived, the imperial armies had never come up against the Ralani-built stone battlements of the Castle Ironspike.

For three years they repeatedly assaulted the fortress, at a futile cost of over 50,000 dead. Emperor Damodar is said to be have so furious he executed all his generals involved in the campaign.