King Damron Hansafar "Stormhand"

King Damron was the first ruler of Serathyr from the Hansafar Dynasty.

In the year 695/6, Damron succeeded King Arondel Sinclair, in the midst of an ongoing conflict, as the kingdom of Serathyr was at war once again the Corsairs of Tar Vielca, who had invaded the kingdom and killed or captured thousands of its subjects.

In fact, King Arondel had been killed while fighting the Corsairs at the Battle of Alordan, ending his Dynasty. Damron then became the first monarch of the Hansafar Dynasty.

Upon being crowned, Damron immediately sought our the help of other nations to aid him in his coming fight against the Tar Vielcans. He wisely forged alliances with both the Republic of Kendar and the Kingdom of Rennsfar. He then gathered a massive allied fleet and awaited the next assault by the Corsairs, which he knew would come soon enough.

In the year 697/6, Damron and his allies confronted the Corsairs in the epic battle of Ironclaw Point; one of the largest naval battles in history. It was during this very battle, that Damron won the moniker: "Stormhand," because of his brilliant and courageous tactics displayed there. It is still said today, Damron ‘Stormhand’ was one of the greatest military commanders in the history of either Ralas or Serathyr.

Damron fought against the Corsairs of Tar Vielca in the War of the Saltmarsh from 663-668/6 and became a hero, then fought against Sorimmar’s hordes in the War of Crows from 670- 674/6.

After his victory at Ironclaw Point, Damron sailed far to the south and led yet another brilliant campaign to attack the enemy capital of Tar Vielca. His forces captured and burned the city, putting its population to the sword in retaliation for years of theft, rape, and murder. The destruction of Tar Vielca forced the Eloysians to finally sue for peace.

With the conclusion of the fighting in 698/6, King Damron went home and reigned upon the Dragon Throne for 27 more years. His descendants still rule the Kingdom of Serathyr today.