King Damron Hansafar "Stormhand"

King Damron was the first monarch from the Hansafar Dynasty of Serathyr.

In the year 695/6, Damron succeeded King Arondel Sinclair, after he was slain at the Battle of Alordan and his Dynasty ended.

Damron got the nickname "Stormhand" because he was a brilliant leader and cunning warrior, who avenged the death of King Arondel at the Battle of Ironclaw Point in 697/6. Damron ‘Stormhand’ as he was called was one of the greatest warriors in the history of either Ralas or Serathyr.

Damron fought against the Corsairs of Tar Vielca in the War of the Saltmarsh from 663-668/6 and became a hero, then fought against Sorimmar’s hordes in the War of Crows from 670- 674/6, and finally,fought alongside King Arondel in the Second War of the Saltmarsh from 695- 697/6.

Damron also led the long and brilliant campaign south to Tar Vielca that destroyed that city and finally forced the Corsairs to sue for peace. Damron was the first monarch of the Hansafar Dynasty; his descendants still rule the kingdom of Serathyr today.