King Dareon Arellani (the Reluctant King)

(Born. 1201/4, Died. 1289/4) First monarch of Eldara to succeed the Durethë Dynasty, after the death of King Hagar Durethë II in 1257/4, during a Vilzari ambush in the early days of the Incursion Wars. Dareon was the brother-in-law of King Agathar III and the the Uncle of King Hagar. He was unexpectedly thrust into the monarchy, because the king had no heirs. King Dareon soon established himself as a great military leader and went on to win a series of stunning military victories over the hated Vilzari in the Incursion Wars. Dareon later went on to fight in the War of Annexation against the Mad-King; King Gayorg Gwyharë. After winning a decisive victory in the year 1287/4 against Gayorg's forces at the Battle of Heath's Dike, Dareon was slain in the year 1289/4, at the Battle of Keslyn. King Dareon was killed leading a cavalry charge when he was struck by an arrow early in the battle. Tragically, he never saw the final defeat of the Mad-King, against whom he had fought so heroically.

As a reward for Dareon's sacrifice, the Melanthir of Gayorg Gwyharë of Rhodara was given by Orel to Eldara, where it is still wielded by the royal monarch today. King Dareon is considered one of the greatest of Eldaran heroes, and there are many monuments to him in both Eldara and Orel, for he gave his life to save that kingdom. Dareon was the first monarch of the Arellani Dynasty.