City-State of Daresh

Capital: Daresh
Total Population: 83,000 (85% Eloysian, 14% Verassi, 1% other)
City Population: 65,000 (living within the walls)
Current Leader: Queen Dhar'ayne Mazeera
Coat of Arms: A red sun on a black and yellow field
Exports: fragrances, timber, textiles

Located in a lush but secluded valley of the Medrassi Mountains in the Midlands region of Azoria, Daresh is a small, but influential independent city-state.

In the year AR 46, this city was conquered by Emperor Zathros of the Eloysian Empire and remained subject to that Empire for nearly two millennia.

Even after the Eloysian Empire collapsed and Daresh once again became independent, the city has never been a significant political power.

Today, most Dareshi folk keep to themselves.