The Darklands is a foul region of East Corwyn, where evil and darkness have long had control over the region.

First, the Dark-Elves ruled this region, then corrupt men from the lost realm of Adar, then seven smaller tyrannical nations of petty rulers and sorcerers. Finally, Sorimmar the Necromancer united those seven kingdoms under one banner, and the realm of Drakhara came into being.

All the realms were corrupt and treacherous, as if the very soil beneath them was cursed, as many believe. This region is heavily polluted; it is permanently affected by the "Taint;" caused by Ashfall from the destruction of Saravôsh.


This region of Corwyn runs east from the Saugreth-Muir Mts. to the Vakara Grasslands, and south from the Olgara River and the Khorlann Steppes to the Frostcrown Mountains.

The region is made up of volcanic ash, lava pits, great chasms, and rocky wasteland. Farther south, lies a great swampy marshland that is inhospitable to most folk. Only in the far west and south of the region are there fertile grasslands.