the Daroon

the Daroon are a strong race of oriental men that originated in the far eastern regions of Corwyn.

These people founded the great eastern kingdoms of Kurand and Yamada. Their alignment is predominantly chaotic, and their civilizations and populations are located in the realm of Kurand and far eastern Corwyn. The folk of this race are referred to as ‘Easterners.’ In addition to the mainland Daroon civilization of Kurand, another great island civilization is located off shore in the Vhan Myr, on the island of Yamada. These folk are usually short of stature and seem physically frail, with slender hairless bodies and sallow skin. Daroon have predominantly black hair, bright almond shaped eyes of either brown or black. Skin color ranges from yellowish-tan to a deep brown. Daroon folk are very traditional , believing in order and discipline. Most haughtily believe they are the chosen race of the Gods, and hold their culture and traditions above all others. In fact all other peoples are considered simply 'barbarians.' Daroon folk revere educational discipline and support many monasteries where philosophy, history, and martial combat are taught.


The Daroon people speak their own language, with few speaking common, and there are over 100 dialects. It is extremely rare to see Daroon outside the Far East region of Corwyn. Common Daroon names include: Akeno, Amashiro, Aru, D’Noi, Fujiro, K’Voi, Marui, Matsu, Mori, Ori, Saburo, T’Doi, and Yoshiro

Daroon: the language of the Daroon people of Corwyn. Daroon is the official language of Kurand and Yamada, and has over a 100 different dialects. The Daroon peoples of Kurand and Yamada speak this language, and only a few outside traders even understand it, as it is very different from all other languages. It is unlike any western speech, as it is oriental in nature using symbols rather than an alphabet. The Daroon written language is one of the few on Corwyn that does not use the common alphabet.