Daughters of Isilahr

The Daughters of Isilahr are an order of female clerics vowed to serve people who suffer from poverty, sickness, injury and lack of education with a special concern for women and children.

Members take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the evangelical counsels commonly vowed in religious life, and, in addition, vows of service. They continue to participate in the life of the surrounding community. In keeping with their mission of serving the poor and needy, many sisters engage in teaching, medical care, and community programs.

The order began in 623/5 when Catherine Macaulë used an inherited fortune to build a "House of Isilahr" in Ralas that provided educational, religious, and social services for poor women and children. The House aroused local opposition, however, it being traditional for nuns rather than lay women to engage in this sort of activity. Eventually the church hierarchy agreed to the formation of a non-cloistered order, and the sisters became known informally as the "walking nuns" for their ability to care for the poor outside a convent.

In the year 26/6, the leaders of the newly established theocracy of Derianor formally established the Order of Isilahr, inspired by, and incorporating those women who were serving in the House of Isilahr. In so doing, they established division of duties that, over time, manifested in different sub-orders. The Daughters of Isilahr started schools, shelters, soup kitchens and hospices in every community that had a church to Isilahr. The sub-order of women that worked in the hospices and specialized in healing, as "daughters" of Isilahr, came to refer to themselves as "Sisters of Aleyssia" As a result, women of the order are addressed by the title "Sister."

The Daughters of Isilahr are female clerics, but do not lead religious services. Though not bound to a cloister, they are generally assigned to a church sponsored hospice within a particular community. On occasion, individual sisters may accompany pilgrims and other travelers to provide healing and protection.