Davked Splintershield

Davked Splintershield is an elderly Dwarf who lives in Caldera.

Davked claims to be a direct descendant of the Splintershield Clan which, long ago, built the ancient walls of the city, as well as the underground lair of Jzadirune that lies beneath it.

His only son is named Zenith, a great warrior who recently undertook a secret mission in the caverns beneath the city.

The Splintershield Clan

Four thousand years ago, this dwarven clan dwelt in the Cairn Mountains of Corwyn. Its Clan-Master; Jzadirune, was approached by the ancient Shadurians with a proposal for an enormous construction project; the city of "Nas'Krii."

Jzadirune made the momentous decision to undertake the project, on the condition that upon completion, his folk would be allowed to build their own lair nearby.

The Shadurians agreed, and the entire Splintershield Clan, which was made up of about sixty families, made the arduous trek south to the Continent of Azoria.


Over the next several centuries, the Splintershield dwarves built the entire city and its fabulous malachite-flecked walls. The dwarves also constructed a labyrinth of underground passages which they named in honor of their leader, Jzadirune.

Over the years, most of the dwarves either died off or mysteriously disappeared.

Today, there are still a handful of dwarves living in Caldera, but only a fraction of those are descendants of the original Splintershield Clan.