Deathdealers are fierce, well-equipped dwarvish mercenaries, most of whom hail from the remnants of the Durthas clan.

Many believe that the Deathdealers are the most respected military force in the known realms. The term is so common that any dwarvish mercenary is usually known as a ‘Deathdealer.’

The Deathdealers were originally dwarvish volunteer warriors that defended the dwarvish kingdoms of Azkar, Chokar, and Urkhar from several terrible goblin invasions.

Later with the destruction of the city of Krone Feyr, the Deathdealers took a new reputation as slayers of goblins, orcs, and then later as soldiers of fortune.

Many of the Durthas Clan who populated the former Dwarf citadel were exiled, and swore an oath of vengeance. Their descendants are the current Deathdealers.

These dwarvish warriors are found in any Dwarf-hold below ground, or as bodyguards for nobles and freeholds. The Deathdealers will never serve under an evil master, nor anyone associating with orcs, kobolds, or goblins.