Delario Al'Sid (deceased)

Delario Al'Sid is a young Eloysian man who grew up on the dangerous streets of Sionjhäe; one of the fable Seven Cities of Brass on the Bronze Coast of Avokhar. Growing up, his mother told him his blood was part Shadurian; a relic of an ancient culture long gone. With a misplaced sense of pride in his ancient bloodline, Delario is disliked by many and shunned by others. He holds his heritage as a badge of honor, and is quick to duel with any who would offend that pride. His nickname is "Asrah"—meaning Shadow in Eloysian tongue.


He soon learned the thieves' trade working those streets. Delario barely survived his childhood by picking pockets, pilfering from wealthy merchants, and haggling over stolen goods in back alleys. Sionjhäe famous gem-cutting, spice, and gold markets were a boon for the thieving trade. Delario learned his nimble skills made him an excellent thief, and his stealthy moves could gain him entry into many a well-guarded mansion or warehouse. Many times, he put those skills to test, always one step ahead of the City Watch, who eventually sought his arrest. Delario's skills always kept him on step ahead of the bumbling guardsmen, and he rather enjoyed their amateur attempts to catch him.

Things changed, after a ugly incident with a wealthy crimelord named Kotib Asran and a dispute over some stolen goods. Delario soon found himself with a new enemy; one who knew the streets and had money to pay for the life of a thief who had stolen from the wrong person.

Soon, the price on his head grew too large for his liking, Delario prudently decided to seek fame and fortune elsewhere. Sadly before he left, his love Aliyah was murdered by thugs sent to kill him. Delario swore that he would avenge her death someday upon his return.

He had heard a rumor from a colleague regarding a fabulous quest; the Deathtrap Dungeon in the Far East region of Corwyn. Soon thereafter, he stowed aboard the Owlcat; a fat merchant cog bound for Nakata. Upon his arrival, he made his way west through Kurand into the Forbidden Hills and the remote city of Fang.

He has now signed the contract with the "Murder Hobos;" a group of other adventurers to explore the famed dungeon in search of its vast treasures within.