Demodands, also known as "Gehreleths," are a race of fiends found primarily on the plane of Carceri.

Demodands are largely driven by an instinctual urge to bring ruin onto others, a desire that manifested in more sophisticated ways depending on their rank. Rather than create anything, these fiends destroy the societies of others, either through direct attacks or subtle corruption.

Ruthlessly selfish and wickedly cunning, the mind of a Demodand is a confusing combination of unfathomable loyalty, intense xenophobia, and enigmatic loathing.

They often roam Carceri searching for new victims, expressing their unbridled hatred for all other entities through random acts of mayhem.



All demodands have corpse-like characteristics, from their loosely hanging skin to the putrid miasma coming off their disgusting forms. As the creatures rise in rank they simultaneously grow heavier and more foul-smelling.


Shator: the largest and most powerful Demodand, standing 12 feet tall, and weighing 6,000 pounds. Thee creatures resemble a giant pale obese humanoid, with stubby, bat-like wings protruding from their back. Foul-smelling black slime drips from their mouths, and a sheen of oily slime covers their bodies.


Farastu: Smaller, human-sized demons, these creatures resemble bloated corpse-like bodies with lifeless white eyes., their sickly white bodies ooze with a sticky, tar-like substance, and their long thin arms end in sharp claws.

Modach: the infamous "Hounds of Carceri," these demons appear as four-legged canines with demonic faces, glowing red eyes, and iron-like black hides.