The Demonskar

The Demonskar is an enormous, desolate crater located southwest of Caldera, deep in the Sanjaara Jungle.

The Demonskar crater has long been a place of evil, inexplicably crawling with denizens from the Abyss.

It is widely believed that, today, the Demonskar no longer poses any threat to human civilization. However locals shun the site, because of a superstitious fear of what many believe is a lingering evil presence, deep inside the crater.

Despite local beliefs, the only indication the crater stills holds any life are periodic strange noises and bursts of steam which issue from it.


The crater has a long, dark history closely related to the history of human settlement in the region. It has long attracted demons and other evil outsiders, earning it the moniker: "Demonskar."

When Surabar the Spellmason and the Founders entered the region 700 years ago, they were attacked by hordes of demons which dwelt deep inside the crater, led by a hideous demon called Nabthatoron.

Surabar and his allies waged war against these demons, and were ultimately victorious. Even today, This battle is re-created in Caldera every year, during the Demonskar Ball.