Denizens of Leng

The Denizens of Leng are strange humanoid creatures from the Plateau of Leng, located on the world of Charos.

These bizarre, eerie humanoids travel to many worlds from their strange homeland of Leng.

They travel about completely covered, wearing loose-fitting leather and cloth robes and wrappings about the head and face.

Under these disguises, they have horned brows, clawed fingers, mouths full of tentacles, and crooked goat-like legs with cloven hooves.

The denizens of Leng often travel to other planes freely, and sometimes do so in strange, black ships, constantly seeking new breeds of slaves or trading rubies for unusual services or magical treasures.

On Leng, these denizens have long fought a war against that realm's monstrous spiders, a war that sometimes spills over into other worlds.

Denizens of Leng are residents of the mysterious and alien "Plateau of Leng" which lies far beyond, on the terrifying world of Charos; commonly referred to as the "Far Realm."

Their home city is Sarkomand; a terrifying place of horror and dark magic. Over the millennia, the Denizens of Leng have gained unparalleled control over eldritch energy and other mystical powers. They are often hired as mercenaries to wield these powers on behalf of others. To focus their strange, eldritch energies, Denizens have often constructed a, so-called, "Leng Device."


It is unknown whether the Denizens of Leng were originally a race hailing from the material plane, or whether they were always an entirely alien race.

One notable fact about their physiology is that their bodies are not actually made up of flesh and bone but of some alien substance that imitates these materials.

As a result, the Denizens of Leng do not bleed. Instead, when they are cut, the blood simply flows straight back into the wound.

Any body part that is severed quickly dissolves into a pool of black, sticky filth. Blood doesn't drip from the stump, but rather flows back inside the wound.


This strange characteristic has made it extremely difficult for sages to study their alien physiology. As a result, the creatures remain a mystery to most sages and scholars.

Habitat & Society

When the Denizens of Leng travel to the world of Oris from beyond the borders of their realm, they always disguise their true forms to keep their identities a secret.

For millenia, these creatures have explored Corwyn, travelling aboard black-hulled galleons, propelled by red sails, and strange slaves such as Leng Ghouls rowing the oars.

The crews of these strange galleons consist of only a few actual Denizens of Leng. The remaining crews are made up of human mercenaries and slaves.

As part of their secretive nature, Leng ships rarely dock in the harbors of human cities, instead they anchor far offshore.

When visiting the surface world of Corwyn, Denizens often pose as gem merchants, largely because of their strange fascination with rubies.

However, most trips from Leng serve one purpose; abducting fresh slaves.


The Denizens of Leng are not always hostile to other races. When properly approached, these creatures have been known to lend aid and advice in unexpected places, from the highest Halls of King & Queens, down to the squalid huts of beggars.

In one instance, they might assist a blood-thirsty warlord or a degenerate group of deranged cultists and in the next, preserve an elderly widow from the influence of a corrupt politician.

On all matters, the Denizens of Leng keep their own council. No sane being enters into terms with them without being on his guard.

These strange alien creatures are patient in their unfathomable agendas, with their plans taking decades or even centuries to come to fruition.