Denizens of Leng

The Denizens of Leng are strange humanoid creatures from the world of Charos, specifically, the Plateau of Leng.

These bizarre, eerie humanoids travel the universe from their strange homeland of Leng, walking uncontested only when they disguise themselves as humans by wearing loose-fitting robes and wrappings about the head and face. Under these disguises, they have horned brows, clawed fingers, mouths full of tentacles, and crooked goatish legs with cloven hooves.

Many scholars have argued over where the otherworldly realm of Leng lies. Some believe it can be found among the Outer Planes, while others are convinced it can only be reached via a dimension of dreams. The denizens of Leng can travel to other planes freely, and often do so in strange, black ships, constantly seeking new breeds of slaves or trading rubies for unusual services or magical treasures.

At other times, their visits are much more violent, focusing on abducting victims for use as slaves or worse. On Leng, these denizens have long fought a war against that realm's monstrous spiders, a war that sometimes spills over into other worlds.

Denizens of Leng are residents of the mysterious and alien Plateau of Leng which lies far beyond, in the terrifying world of Charos; the "Far Realm." While they have a generally human shape, on close examination it is clear that they are far from human.

At first glance denizens of Leng could almost pass for human—they have two arms and two legs, they are about five and a half feet in height—however on closer inspection they are clearly alien in nature. Their legs end in cloven hooves and their bodies are covered in horn-like protrusions. Most alien of all are their mouths which are comprised of tentacles and polyps that open in ways that human mouths do not.

It is not known whether the denizens of Leng were originally a race from the material plane, or if they were always an entirely alien race. One notable fact about their physiology is that their bodies are made not of flesh and bone but of some substance that imitates these materials. As a result, the denizens of Leng do not bleed. Instead, when they are cut, the blood simply flows straight back into the wound. Any body part that is severed quickly dissolves into a pool of filth.



At first glance, this resembles a man dressed in a tattered leather robe, his head obscured by a dirty silk turban and his lower face swathed in a scarf. Yet closer inspection reveals odd bumps beneath the turban, something strange about how the scarf wiggles and writhes, and an awkward stance and way of moving that hints at limbs not wholly human under those weirdly twitching robes.A denizen of Leng weighs 200 pounds and stands roughly 5-1/2 feet tall.

Of all the strange and otherworldly creatures that dwell upon the Plateau of Leng, the most common are undoubtedly these denizens—architects of Leng's mysterious, now abandoned city of Sarkomand. Whether the denizens were once Material Plane humanoids who were transformed by Leng, or if they are the native children of that mysterious realm is unknown, but their influence within the lands beyond the barrier of reality is undeniable. They are fantastically intelligent, possessing insights into secrets of reality much sought after by the daring, and have been on hand to counsel many a mighty archmage or insidious madman, carefully weaving such plots to fit their own hidden agendas.

A denizen of Leng superficially resembles a human in size and shape, yet in order to walk among men it must disguise its true form. They most often do so via long tattered robes of leather, as well as gloves, scarves, and turbans. Their true forms are anything but human, with horned brows, hideous mouths that unfold into nests of tentacles and pedipalps, thick clawed fingers, and crooked legs ending in hooves. Denizens of Leng average 5-1/2 feet in height and weigh up to 200 pounds. They are immortal, and can live forever unless killed by violence.


A denizen of Leng's body is not quite composed of flesh and bone, but of a strange material that closely mimics the properties of such. The strangest manifestation of this feature is the fact that they do not bleed. Their "blood" continues to flow through the veins of even a severed limb, but does not leave the body, simply flowing over the raw red stump and back inside as needed, while the actual severed portion quickly melts away into corruption. This makes it extremely difficult to study their alien physiology, and as such, much about them remains a mystery to Material Plane scholars.

Habitat & Society

The denizens of Leng are rare beyond that realm's borders, yet unfortunately more common on the world of Oris than one would suspect, for they are experts at disguising their true forms and walking among mortal men unnoticed. They often explore the Material Plane aboard dark galleons with black sails, utilizing strange and hidden monstrosities to power their banks of oars. Often, they pose as gem merchants (their rubies are particularly lustrous and plentiful), but this is merely a cover while they go about their actual business—abducting fresh slaves. Often, a ship consists of only a few actual denizens of Leng, with the crew made up of fiendish humans whose traits (horned brows and cloven feet) mirror their Leng masters but are much easier to hide in public.

Yet when properly approached, denizens of Leng have been known to lend aid and advice in unexpected places, from the vaulted halls of King & Queens, down to the squalid huts of beggars. In one instance, they might assist a blood-thirsty warlord or a degenerate group of deranged cultists and in the next preserve an elderly widow from the influence of a corrupt politician. They keep their own council on such matters, and no sane being enters into terms with them without being on his guard. Denizens of Leng are patient in their unfathomable agendas, and their plans might take decades or even centuries to come to fruition.