(population: 37,000) Located in a valley of the Ironrock Mountains, Derilath is the capital of the kingdom of Marundi.

Despite the fact that it is the capital of Marundi, Derilath remains impoverished, with only fur and ice as its trade exports.

The city has high stone walls and many towers and fortifications to protect its population from enemy attack.

An ancient city, Derilath grew from a small arctic settlement into the largest Thaldain city on Corwyn.

Overlooking the city from a high pinnacle of basalt, is Castle Obsidian; home to the Marundian royal family and the Bearclaw Throne. The city is protected a City-Guard of 300 militia, backed-up by 2,000 royal soldiers garrisoned at Castle Obsidian.

Derilath is currently governed by Duke Gerard Norax.

As a major road junction, the city is accessible via the following roads:

Local History

Derilath traces its origins back to a small trading settlement founded by a Ruendi warlord named Derilon Drax. Under his leadership, the small settlement grew into a large, wealthy city. Using that newfound wealth, Derilon used that wealth to build a great fortress atop the hill overlooking the settlement.

House Drax ruled over the entire region until the rise of a rival warlord named Algerd Baranov. Lord Algerd was chosen by the Saar to wield one of the seven Elanthir in the War against Alokkair. After his victories in the East, Algerd returned home a great hero. He soon consolidated his power and took control over the entire region. House Drax resisted at first, but wisely bent the knee and the city of Derilath became part of the newly established Kingdom of Thalar.

Everything changed when Thalar was consumed by the infamous "Storm of the North." After forty years, Thalar lay in utter ruins, but Derilath had survived. House Drax soon re-asserted their independence and the "City-State of Derilath" was born.

For centuries, the Drax family continued to rule over the city; until the early years of the Fifth Age. Around this time, House Drax was challenged by Lord Kren Alaghon, who was on a campaign to unite the North into a single kingdom, under the banner of the newly-established Ravinian Empire.

Lord Vorland Drax refused to submit to Kren, causing the War of the Frozen Snow. Ultimately, he was slain at the Battle of Skåaven. Kren then took Castle Obsidian as his own and established a new Kingdom called "Marundi," with Derilath as its capital.