(population: 24,000) Derilath is the capitol and largest city of the kingdom of Marundi.

Derilath is located in the northern foothills of the Ironrock Mountains, in a steep mountain valley. The city has high stone walls and many towers and fortifications to protect its population from enemy attack.

Despite the fact that the city is the capitol of the Marundi, Derilath remains an impoverished city, with only fur and ice as its trade exports.

Long ago, Derilath grew from a small arctic settlement under the rule of the Alaghon Dynasty, and replaced the two earlier Thalari cities of El-Gerath and Al-Enoth that dominated the Northern Peninsula in the Fourth Age. On a high pinnacle of basalt overlooking the city is Castle Obsidian; home to the royal family of Marundi and the Bearclaw Throne.The city is protected a City-Guard of 300 militia, backed-up by 2,000 royal soldiers at Castle Obsidian.

Derilath is currently governed by Duke Gerard Norax.

Derilath is major road junction. The city accessible via the following roads: