The Desert War

(243-248/6) The Desert War was a brutal conflict between the kingdom of Eldara and the Vilzari.

The war was essentially a series of Vilzari invasions and Eldaran counter-invasions that dragged on for five long years. The Eldarans fought bitterly, but the Vilzari were able to capture the city of Kingsport. Even after the fall of their city, the Eldaran armies fought on stubbornly, and eventually drove the Vilzari out of Eldaran territory.

Finally, a Thannish victory was achieved at the Second Battle of Naracen, in which the entire Vilzari army was destroyed, the city of An-Khara was partially burned, and the Vilzari forced to sue for peace. The Vilzari were so soundly defeated, they were not a threat to Eldara for many centuries.