The Deskari

The Deskari were an ancient ethnic Kratheri civilization on Za'har; known for their horrific practices of demon-worshiping, their custom of human sacrifice, and their endless wars of militarily conquest.


As with many human races and ethnic groups, the earliest origins of the Deskari are lost to the mists of time. Thousands of years ago, scattered tribes of Deskari people began migrating through the vast savannas of central Za'har. Eventually, the Deskari united under a King named Khellum-Zhûr, and founded their first city; Khorov. It is believed that King Khellum-Zhûr was himself a half-fiend, for his powers involving the summoning of demons were legendary. Khellum-Zhûr ordered a huge temple built, which he called; the "Obsidian Ziggurat."

Eventually, Khellum-Zhûr and his demonic hordes built a fantastic obsidian ziggurat in the city of Khorov and the Deskari people began worshiping various demonic beings as their new deities. These deities soon needed sacrifices by the thousands. The Deskari, who were already great warriors, sent vast armies across the plains Za'har in every direction, enslaving and capturing whole civilizations. The only purpose was to drive the slaves and captives back to Khorov to be sacrificed by the Demon-Priests of the Deskari. As Deskari influence spread, so did the fear of their raids and all surrounding peoples began to migrate further and further away.

Khorovia is Founded

The Deskari founded an ancient kingdom called Khorovia; located in the center of the Continent of Za'har. The ancient Deskari people created a brutal and terrifying civilization that worshiped Demons and Dark Gods, and made widespread use of human sacrifice to honor those Gods. For fresh supplies of sacrificial victims, the Deskari made war upon their neighbors all across the Continent of Za'Har.

The human tribes of the Olman, who were forced to flee the continent in large numbers. The Deskari also destroyed the Hakeen empire of Old Xhola in the year AR -552, and forced the mass migration of thousands of Kratheri refugees to Corwyn.

Ultimately, the Deskari peoples, their Realm of Khorovia, and its capital of Khorov were destroyed and the region succumbed to evil forces from the Abyss, and hosts of demons and other terrible creatures now freely roam here. Sages believe that the evil High-Priests of Khorovia foolishly opened a portal into the lower planes of Hell, destroying themselves, their entire civilization, and creating the Blight; a permanent gateway between the world of Oris and the Underworld.

A few sages and scholars in Khalifar have studied the ancient Deskari culture and believe that their demon-worshiping practices directly led to the destruction of their civilization and the creation of the Blight.

Very little else is known about either Khorovia, the city of Khorov, or the Deskari people, as almost all written records have been lost.