Viscount Devan Trevalio

Devan Trevalio was a descendant of Baron Ansilay Trevalio, who was sent by King Garth Baldurin of Gwynne to re-establish a colony in the Bloodstone Valley. After doing so, Devan became the first Viscount of the Freehold of Trevalia.

In the wake of the Cataclysm, King Garth Baldurin of Gwynne needed new sources of wealth for his new kingdom, so he turned to Devan Trevalio; patriarch of an old Gwynnish noble family, and a descendant of the original founder of the long-lost "Barony of Bloodstone." King Garth granted Devan leave to re-establish a trading colony in the Bloodstone Valley, which had lain vacant for centuries after the fall of Kronar. It was the King's hope that this colony would produce wealth for Gwynne from both its strategic location and the mining of the famed Bloodstones found in scattered,local deposits in the valley.

The colony was indeed successful, and in the Year 0027 of the Sixth Age, King Garth granted Devan the title of "Viscount" and the "Freehold of Trevalia" was officially established. Ever since, all subsequent rulers of the Freehold have held this noble title.

Many years later, Devan ordered the ruins of the former dwarven settlement of Skörvos re-built, and renamed the new human settlment; "Ansilay."