City-State of Dhal Ciona

Capital: Dhal Ciona
Total Population: 87,000 (93% Eloysian, 6% Hakeen, 1% other)
City Population: 55,000 (living within the walls)
Current Leader: Shah Khali Hojah
Coat of Arms: green tree on a white field
Exports: armor, weapons, metal goods, slaves

Dhal Ciona is an Eloysian city-state located at the northern tip of the Dragonsbreath Mountains, deep within the Sanjaara Jungle

Built upon three massive rocky plateaus, at the base of two enormous waterfalls, this thriving independent city was once part of the great Eloysian Empire. Dhal Ciona is unusual by being one of few inland cities inside the Sanjaara Jungle.

Because of a long history of being conquered, this city is a veritable fortress, with high stone walls and tall bronze gates. Dhal Ciona was originally a simply trading post of the primitive Kunda people, but later expanded into a large independent city-state.

The city was one of the first to be conquered by the Eloysians and became an early part of the Eloysian Empire. Due to its proximity to the Dragonsbreath Mountains, the city has always had access to rich, quality iron mines.

Dhal Cionan smiths are famous throughout Azoria for their crafts in armor, swords, and shields. On a darker note, the Dhal Cionans use their trade goods to arm slaving bands which operate deep in the Sanjaara Jungle, annually capturing thousands of Tasloi.

As a result, the Slave markets in the city are also extremely large. Virtually all of the city's exports travel east down the Sabre River, named for the historical trade of river barges laden with high-quality blades forged in Dhal Cionan forges.

From there, the merchant ships carrying these valuable blades sail to the cities of Dhal Viera and Xhaarata, whose merchants pay handsomely for them.

Today, these various trades have made the Dhal Cionans extremely wealthy.