Freehold of Dhorvania

Capitol: Catera (population: 11,000)
Population: 87,000 (79% Thalari, 15% Amari, 6% other)
Demi-humans: 15,000 (10% dwarves, 25% elves, 25% halflings, 40% gnomes)
Humanoids: many (mostly orcs)
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Tannis Garadon
Coat of Arms: large red triquetra on a black field.
Imports: vegetables, grain, livestock
Exports: gems, stone, magic items

Dhorvania is a large and powerful freehold, located in the northern Pale, at the southern base of the Warlock Mountains.

The freehold is loyal to Marundi, and many of its inhabitants are of Thalari descent. Many evil individuals and dark forces call this freehold their home. It is said that the freehold, although officially a colony of the kingdom of Marundi, is actually a front for the Arcanum that is based in the nearby Warlock Mountains.

The freehold has a small city of Catera, which serves as the capitol and is the center of mercantile enterprise for the region. Outsiders are not welcome in this secluded freehold, and the Viscount’s well-trained soldiers usually drive off any intruders and other meddlers.

The freehold can easily muster a force of about 1,500 well-trained human mercenaries, and if pressed, strike teams of senior Warlocks will accompany the soldiers to defeat their enemies.