Freehold of Dhorvania

Capital: Catera (population: 11,000)
Population: 87,000 (79% Thaldain, 15% Amador, 6% other)
Demi-humans: 15,000 (50% dwarves, 25% elves, 25% halflings)
Humanoids: many (mostly orcs)
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Yannis Garadon
Coat of Arms: large red triquetra on a black field.
Imports: vegetables, grain, livestock
Exports: gems, stone, magic items

Located in the Pale, Dhorvania is an independent Freehold, nestled in the southern foothills of the Warlock Mountains.

It is said that the freehold is nothing more than a front for the Arcanum; a much-feared order of evil wizards.

Outsiders are not welcome here, and the Viscount’s well-trained soldiers usually drive off any intruders and other meddlers.

The freehold can easily muster a force of about 1,500 well-trained human mercenaries, and if pressed, strike teams of senior Warlocks will accompany the soldiers to defeat any threats or intruders.