The Direwood is a strange, dark woodland located in the Far East of Corwyn.

Although today, Direwood forest is one of most mysterious regions on the continent, thousands of years ago, the forest was inhabited by centaurs, fairies, and elves.

Sadly, evil forces gradually drove those creatures from the forest. The rumors of terrible beasts, strange men, and terrifying undead haunting the forest grew; and the evil forces there eventually drove out the forces of good.

This evil presence was for a time countered by a brave force of western men, who left from the realm of Amar and built a great fortress called Ator’s Keep in the center of the forest as a bastion of goodness and decency.

Eventually, the fortress fell, and its defenders were either slain or captured. The forest then returned to darkness, and with the decay of the realm of Adar, no other attempts to cleanse the woodland were ever undertaken.

Both orcs and Daroon dwell in the forest, but few other outsiders ever venture within. It is said that the Dark Gods of Sarkosa use the Direwood as an evil playground, and whole societies of dark followers worship them there.