Donareth (Stonebridge)

(population: 19,000) Donareth is a small city in northern Derianor that was once the capitol of the ancient Freehold of Dorada.

Adleroth Penrose first founded the city after he fled the Realm of Adar because of the rising evil he discovered there. Even today, the House of Penrose still wields much influence here.

This unique river port lies on the border with the Wildlands; the city is built upon both banks of the Vryne River, much of its sprawl is atop a great stone span that crosses the water; thus its common name; "Stonebridge." The city has essentially three districts; "Eastshore," "Westshore," and "Stonebridge."

Today, there is much river traffic, but little trade between the cultured artisans of Derianor and the barbaric Wildfolk. Unlike other cities in the Highlands, Donareth has high stone walls and strong Iron Gates on both sides. These fortifications are a reminder of the hostile neighboring barbarian tribes that plagued the city in the distant past.

Donareth is accessible via the High Road, running east and west between Elsareth and HÞertgen.


The city of Donareth was originally called "Stonebridge;" located on the west banks of the Vryne River. The settlement was founded by the Vryne Clan; a distinct Vaas ethnic group. In the late Third Age, the Vryne settlement was conquered by the Cynarans, and Stonebridge became part of the expanding kingdom of Urland.

After Urland itself was conquered by the Iskari, Stonebridge became independent once again.

Manyn centuries later, Adleroth Penrose settled at this location, after being expelled from the Kingdom of Adar. Soon after, the small settlement grew into a proper city, and became the capitol of the Freehold of Dorada. Over the years, the Freehold grew wealthy as a safe haven from the Ravagers and other marauding barbarian tribes. Since its walls could not be breached, the city became an import center for trade on the busy Vryne River.

Eventually, the city of Elsareth fell, along with the kingdom of Harloch, and the Freehold moved its capitol there, and Donareth became secondary in importance.