Doppelgangers are monstrous humanoids, infamous for their shape-shifting abilities that allow them to mimic almost any humanoid creature.

Doppelgangers are lazy, but cunning creatures, who usually kill or otherwise dispose of their victims, then assumed their place. While not actually evil, doppelgangers are extremely self-centered and liable to look down on their victims. They are believed to be an magical, artificial race, first created by the Shadurians. Doppelgangers share a fondness for working with wizards and sorcerers, while others prefer work as spies or assassins. Most doppelgangers enjoy using their abilities to further elaborate plots to gain political power or advantage.

Many doppelgangers live a stolen life. Typically, when they encounter a person whose appearance or station they desire for themselves, the doppelganger will use their mental powers to learn everything they can about the chosen target. Once they obtain all the knowledge they need, the Doppelganger will quietly eliminate their target, assume his form, and ultimately take over his place in surrounding society.


In their true form, Doppelgangers appear as tall, lithe, hairless gray-skinned humanoids; whose thin bodies made them appear gender-less. The creatures possess a featureless face with pale, green eyes. However, even this "natural" form is deceptive, for it suggests the creatures are physically weak, when in fact doppelgangers are actually quite strong and agile.



Doppelgangers call their species the "Shallar;" which is the name given to them thousands of years ago by their Shadurian masters. Doppelganger families tend not to be close; usually a male and female meet, engage in casual sex, then leave one another, with the female being forced to rear any resulting offspring alone.

Those same offspring are then abandoned by their mother upon reaching maturity.