Freehold of Dorada

The Freehold of Dorada was an independent settlement founded in what is today the Theocracy of Derianor.

Dorada was founded by Adleroth Penrose; an Amari nobleman and the brother of King Elroth Penrose III, who had been exiled by his brother from the Kingdom of Adar in the year 585/4 because he voiced his growing fears of the evil seeping into the court of Adarond. Adleroth was soon banished from Amar as well, so he and his family took their wealth, and a few loyal retainers and traveled west into far northwestern Corwyn, just east of the Kingdom of Harloch, on the shores of the Vryne River.

Eventually Adleroth established the first Freehold of Dorada, along with the settlements of Elsareth and Donareth. As the Penrose family became increasingly spiritual, they built a great temple on the shores of the Iron Sea, in the city of Elsareth, which at that time was the capitol of the Kingdom of Harloch.

For many centuries, the Freehold was a sanctuary for travelers from the dangers of the Wildlands. A great temple to Berevrom was built in the Freehold , but was later destroyed by Wildfolk raids. Afterward, Lord Penrose of Dorada ordered a great castle built about the newly rebuilt temple. This fortress became known as Berevrom's Keep. In the year 763/4, the kingdom of Harloch collapsed and much of its territory eventually came under the control of the Freehold. In the year 1037/4, the Lords of Dorada moved the capitol to the re-built city of Elsareth, and Donareth became secondary.

By the Fifth Age, Dorada had closely allied itself with Empress Ravinia, and Dorada soon became an important province in the Ravinian Empire. Once Dorada became an imperial province, the importance of the region grew. As a result, the cities of Elsareth and Donareth increased in population almost ten-fold within a century. Empress Ravinia herself fell in love with the beauty of the region, and ordered her summer retreat built outside the city of Elsareth; upon the ancient ruins of Castle Harloch. This opulent estate was named the Anfala Palace; upon its completion, Elsareth became almost a second "capitol" of the empire during the summer months, when Ravinia kept her residence there. The imperial court later built its greatest university in the city of Elsareth, called the Academë. Soon Dorada became a center for arts and culture known throughout the Empire.

After the Fall of the Ravinian Empire, a great theologian named Deriyan Montessarë worked with both the Penrose family and King Irithar of Cyrendar to create a new sanctuary realm for the West; it was named Derianor in honor of this late founder.