King Doran Hansafar II
Reign: 1225/6–present
Coronation: 25 Flaurmont 1225/6
Predecessor: King Damron III
Heir apparent: Princess Solara
Spouse: Queen Syrene
Issue: Verona
Issue: Deanna
Issue: Rozalyn
House: Hansafar Dynasty
Father: Damron III
Born: 37 Nieumont 1199/6
Religion: Neutral
Doran Hansafar II is the current ruler of the Ralani Kingdom of Serathyr

Doran assumed the Dragon Throne in the year 1225/6, as the twenty-second ruler from the venerable Hansafar Dynasty. Since that time, his reign on the Dragon Throne has been controversial.

As a young man, he was only King for three years before he started the disastrous Emerald War with neighboring Rennsfar; a bloody conflict that caused the deaths of tens of thousands of his own people.

Rumor has it; during the infamous Battle of Kestra, the tide turned against Doran, and he cowardly fled the battlefield and allowed his soldiers to be massacred by the Rennsfari.

King Doran was eventually forced into a humiliating treaty with Rennsfar because of his sharp defeat in that war, and the king broods over it bitterly to this very day.