Freehold of Dorinvar

Capitol: Vikos (population: 4,000)
Population: 56,000 (92% Ralani, 5% Vaas, 3% other)
Demi-humans: 12,000 (55% dwarves, 25% elves, 12% halflings, 8% gnomes)
Humanoids: some (mostly gnolls)
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Sethrik Amaron.
Coat of Arms: two yellow crossed axes on dark red and white field.
Exports: timber, iron, gems, grain

Dorinvar is a large Serathian freehold in the Reach, located off the Sea of Ralas on the Pirate Coast.

The freehold profits from trade along both the Axeway and Saltcliffe Road, which intersect at the walled town of Vikos. In return for independence, the freehold patrols the southern region of the Reach, the coastal areas east of the Cairn Mountains, and both roads. To do this, the Freehold maintains a mixed force of 1,200 dwarvish and human mercenaries to protect its territory.

It is common to see dwarvish and human merchant caravans stop here on their travels north to Crôm Feyr, south to Rastios, or west into Skarlahn Feyr. The freehold has a few forests and a small iron mine that provide some income, but most income is still derived from tariffs on goods passing through the freehold. Many outsiders resent the high tariffs, but all know that Dorinvar has the backing of the royal court of Serathyr behind it.