Dragon turtles are fierce aquatic creatures, distantly related to the race of dragons. They are considered among the most dangerous aquatic creatures in existence and are sometimes worshiped by other aquatic races.

Dragon turtles were distantly related to dragons and had dragon-blood. They appear as huge turtle-like creatures with a long tail and neck with large, taloned flippers. Their massive heads have a golden crest down the center.

The shell of a turtle dragon measures between 15 and 25 feet in diameter and is strong enough to leave it almost impossible to harm. The the Dragon turtle's shell is streamlined with jagged protrusions The shell was often a shade of deep green, similar to the color of the ocean, with silver highlights running along the raised areas. This meant that a surfacing dragon turtle was often mistaken for light reflecting on the water. Due to the shell's immense strength, shields made from dragon turtle shells were exceptionally tough and had resistance to heat or steam attacks.


Dragon turtles areaggressive and solitary creatures who will attack any ships and other dragon turtles that enter their territory. Like true dragons, dragon turtles areobsessed with gold and treasure. They often attack cargo ships in order to loot their carried treasures. After sifting through the wreckage, the creatures will carry the valuables back back to their lair in their mouths.
Sometimes, sailors wishing to pass through the territory of a dragon turtle find that the creatures were intelligent enough to accept bribes or tributes.


When in combat, dragon turtles use their massive bulk to slam into enemies. Dragon turtles arecapable of capsizing even the largest sea-going vessels. Dragon turtles can also expel a blast of scalding steam from their mouths, as a powerful breath-weapon


A dragon turtle will usually guard a vast territory, up to 50 square miles. Other dragon turtles are only permitted to enter the territory of another during mating season. Dragon turtles live in vast caves under the seafloor or hidden in coral reefs. These lairs are also used to store their treasure hoards. Dragon turtles are carnivorous and will eat almost anything in order to satisfy their appetite, even other dragon turtles. If food is in particularly short supply, dragon turtles have been known to hunt sea birds using their steam breath attack.