The Dragonshards were seven powerful elven-made artifacts which containing parts of the soul of the slain Dragon-Lord Calegorax.

During the epic battle of Merizath, Calegorax was slain by the Elder-Elves and the War of the Dragons came to an end.

Flushed with victory, the Elder-Elves carved up the massive dragon-carcass, and took seven parts as trophies. Elven wizards soon discovered that each of these "Dragonshards" possessed innate magical powers. The elves were then able to forge seven magical artifacts, each imbued with the power of a different relic.

To their horror, they later realized the malevolent spirit of Calegorax was intertwined into the seven shards, which were attempting to rejoin themselves together and bring their master back from the grave.

To prevent the shards from ever re-assembling, the elves hid the relics in seven different locations, scattered across the continent.


The Seven Dragonshards