Bridge of Bones

The Bridge of Bones is an infamous landmark in the land of Drakhara. It was magically created from the skull and bones of the Dragon-Lord Calegorax, after his death in the War of the Dragons.

The Bridge actually serves an important purpose as a crossing over the northern tip of the Grôn Chasm. At one end of the great span is an archway carved from a gigantic dragon skull.

Some sages believe that within the skull is the trapped spirit of Calegorax the dragon lord, whose spirit is the gatekeeper of the bridge.

The East Road uses this bridge on its route between the Salkröth and the fortress of Erôn-Gothmar.

The Orc-infested fortress of Gol-Gathad lies on a hill a few miles east of the bridge, at the crossroads of the East and Adar Roads.