Drakhara was one of seven new barbaric kingdoms formed in the East after the destruction of the kingdom of Adar.

The capitol of Drakhara was the large city of Sirilath, and its leaders had a dark reputation for cruelty and terror. Of the seven eastern barbaric realms, Drakhara was the largest and most influential, having been founded by the noble descendants of the House of Penrose.

Eventually the kingdom of Drakhara would become absorbed into the dark realm of Morgoth. King Koroth; the last king of Drakhara, became the first and most powerful Zûl, under his new master Sorimmar.

The coat of arms of Drakhara consisted of a black jackal on an orange field.

Today, in memory of this once fearsome realm, the realm of Morgoth is sometimes called "Drakhara," and its peoples are called "Drakharans."