Prince Drexel Serati

Drexel Serati was the impertinent young son of King Durendil Serati II, whose actions caused the disastrous War of the Celadon and the collapse of the Kingdom of Ralas.

Drexel, being the Crown Prince of Ralas, was a spoiled boor; accustomed to getting whatever he wanted. In the year 551/6, Prince Drexel was accompanying a group of noble ladies on a spiritual pilgrimage to the hot springs of Celadon Forest, when he saw Lady Amarei Baranthyr, the beautiful wife of Alaron Baranthyr.

Drexel pursued Amarei and attempted to seduce her, but she refused him. In a fit of rage, the Prince forced himself on her in her tent. When word got back to Lord Alaron, he immediately confronted the prince and challenged him to single combat. A duel ensued and Drexel was killed fairly. But despite this, King Durendil ordered Alaron arrested and his lands seized.

Alaron fled to Renthara and soon a great rebellion began, called the War of the Celadon.