Baron Durand Voskov; "Lord Ice-Veins"

Durand Voskov; commonly known as "Lord Ice-Veins," is a well-known Thaldain noble and the current ruler of both the Marundian trading settlement of Norethë and the nearby Winterhold Keep.

Durand has quite the reputation as a strong fighter, skilled sailor, and a notorious womanizer.

As a young man, he nearly drowned when he was knocked overboard during a naval battle with Variag raiders.

By some miracle, Durand managed to emerge alive, several hours later, from the frozen waters of the Myr Thalal. Afterward he acquired the nickname of "Ice-Veins."

Durand has enormous, brutal strength and a quick temper to match. It is rumored he once twisted a man's head completely off with his bare hands over some petty insult. Ever since, most local folk have been overly polite to their lord and master.

Despite his flaws, the people of Norethë are grateful to have Durand as their chieftain. For most locals believe it is solely his fearful reputation, not his garrison of hardy soldiers at Winterhold Keep, that has kept them safe from Variag raids for over twenty years.