(population: 58,000) Located on the Kratheri Peninsula, along the western shores of the Sea of Orel, Durendar is the capital of Thûle.

Once the most magnificent city of the kingdom of East Eldara, Durendar is now a dark place of fear and suspicion.

The city is accessible via the Durendar Road, which connects it to the city of Jharë to the north and the fortress of Avek Nahr to the south.

Within the city of Durendar is Castle Terathar.

Local History

The present-day city of Durendar was originally founded by Prince Daghon, who; after crossing the South Sea, chose a secluded inlet as a landing site for his fleet, Daghon named the inlet "Durendar," and it was the first Thannish settlement on the Kratheri Peninsula, and the starting point of the infamous "Glorious Conquest."

Battle of Durendar

Naval battle in 384/6 between the fleets of Thûle and Orel, which ended the Fourth Sea War. The navy of Thûle was again defeated and Orel once again maintained supremacy of the eastern seas. 60 Orellian ships and over 150 Thûlian vessels were sunk in this battle.