King Durendil Serati II

Durendil Serati II was the final ruler of Ralas from the Serati Dynasty. He was slain at the Battle of
Edgecliffe, which ended the War of the Celadon.

King Durendil had long ruled Ralas with an iron first, and many nobles in the southern reaches of the country thought him a despot. Tensions boiled over when King Durendil's son; Prince Drexel raped Alaron's wife Amarei, during a spiritual pilgrimage to the Celadon Forest.

Alaron soon found out and challenged the prince to single combat. Alaron killed the prince fairly, but the King ordered him arrested and executed for treason. When Alaron fled south to Renthara, the King sent many soldiers to burn his lands and butcher his people. This cruelty sparked the southern nobles of Ralas into open revolt and a great war for independence began.

King Durendil himself was slain in the year 558/6 by the rebel Lord Alaron; at the Battle of Edgecliffe. The war ended soon after, with Alaron's rebels claiming victory and forming the new independent kingdom of Rennsfar.

King Durendil Serati was succeeded on the Dragon Throne by his nephew Kelthorn Serati, who became the first king of Serathyr.