Dureth was a powerful Thannish city-state which existed in the late Third Age.

After the destruction of the Tekritian League around the Year 800/3, the region known today as Eldara fell into anarchy and barbarism for over a century.

Out of the ashes of the League rose several new independent states; one of the most influential was the Barony of Dureth.

For nearly 150 years the Barony ruled the southern regions of the Heartlands, and was centered around the re-built Thannish city of Tekrit.

In the eleventh century of the Third Age; the Barony of Dureth came to be ruled by Baron Valden, who would go on to achieve great historical fame as "Valden the Conqueror."

Valden later founded the Kingdom of Valdor and made Tekrit his capital; which he re-named Kingsport after his coronation.

The Duchy is Divided

About 500 years ago, half of the Dureth lands were given to the newly created Duchies of Halston and Radford.