Durethë Dynasty

The Durethë Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers descended from King Eldan; who founded the kingdom of Eldara.

This family was the original holder of Equalizer; one of the seven Elanthir swords, which was given to House Durethë by the Council of Sorcerë, as a reward for King Eldan's courageous service in the War against Alokkair. King Eldan formed the kingdom of Eldara in the year 24/4, and over a period of 1,233 years, he and forty-two of his descendants sat upon the Amethyst Throne at Castle Ironfist.

In 179/4, under King Aron, Eldara began to expand eastward across the sea, conquering and colonizing the Kratheri Peninsula. This new kingdom became known as "East Eldara" and was first ruled by Aron’s son; Prince Daghon.

For many years, the Durethë family ruled both kingdoms jointly from Eldarand. The western Durethë Dynasty ended in 1257/4, during the Incursion Wars when King Hagar II was slain in a Vilzari ambush and his Elanthir captured.

The western Durethë Dynasty was then succeeded by King Dareon Arellani. However, the eastern line of Durethë kings continued on until the year 43/5, and the outbreak of the Unification Wars.

Over a period of 1,233 years, a total of forty-three Durethë monarchs sat upon the Amethyst Throne at Castle Ironfist.

The Durethë Monarchs of Eldara

Eldan 24-78/4 *
Ethan 78-114/4
Daghon 114-125/4
Dareon 125-159/4
Aron 159-194/4
Raynor 194-222/4
Morgan 222-258/4
Damion 258-299/4
Hagar 299-336/4
Raynald II 336-357/4 †
Ethan II 357-372/4
Arathar 372-398/4 †
Eldan II 398-436/4
Agathar 436-467/4 †
Aron II 467-505/4
Raynald III 505-531/4
Ragnar 531-568/4
Eldan III 568-590/4
Ariella 590-607/4 †
Trystan 607-642/4
Ragnar II 642-673/4
Arathar II 673-679/4 †
Ragnar III 679-702/4
Aron III 702-735/4
Agathar II 735-779/4
Aden 779-828/4
Morgan II 828-849
Radovan 849-871/4 †
Damion II 871-900/4
Castenar 900-936/4
Robard 936-963/4 †
Iskara 963-997/4
Arathar III 997-1026/4
Robard II 1026-1052/4 †
Daghon II 1052-1069/4 †
Aden II 1069-1081/4
Eldan IV 1081-1106/4
Lorelei 1106-1137/4
Castenar II 1137-1162/4
Dareon II 1162-1199/4
Arathar IV 1199-1225/4
Agathar III 1225-1246/4
Hagar II 1246-1257/4 † **