(population: 32,000) Durfast is the third largest city of the kingdom of Ammarind, located on the western shore of the Athlan Myr.

Durfast is known as the stronghold of eastern Ammarind, and has high walls, and a large well-trained garrison. It needs both to keep vigil on the East and the Pale. There is much marine traffic between Durfast and Amara on the Athlan Myr. There is also a small ferry service between Durfast and the small human settlement of Shoredale on the eastern shore of the Athlan Myr. In the days of the great elvish city of Malanäe, the ferry service was much greater and more prosperous. Now there is little trade and few ferries make the arduous trip across the treacherous Athlan Myr. Near the city is the Ammarindi eastern outpost of Atharos Keep. Durfast is currently ruled by Duke Elric Thorescu.