(population: 32,000) Located on the western shores of the Athlan Myr, Durfast is the third largest city in the kingdom of Ammarind.

Durfast; known as the "Stronghold of eastern Ammarind," has high walls and a large, well-trained garrison. It needs both to keep vigil on the dangerous lands of the East and the Pale.

On the Athlan Myr, one can find much marine traffic between Durfast and Amara. There is also a seldom-used ferry service between Durfast and the small human settlement of Shoredale on the eastern shore.

Local History

The settlement of Durfast was first founded by the Alteri people, a Rynnish ethnic group. As the city grew, it prospered from trade with the neighboring elvish city of Malanäe. In those times, there were many human and elven vessels sailing across the Athlan Myr. Today, only a few ferries and cargo make the trip across the sea between Durfast and the human settlement of Shoredale.

The fortress of Atharos Keep is located near the city. Its garrison protects merchant caravans travelling on the High Road, which runs between Durfast and the cities of Kelburn and Amara.

Today, the city is ruled by Duke Elric Thorescu.